Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

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In the latter half of the S season, we are introduced to Hotaru Tomoe. A sickly, rather meek girl, she has no idea her seizures are connected to two entities awakening inside her; a being from the Tau Nebula in direct servitude to Pharaoh 90, and a Senshi misunderstood for a role no one would want.

Caught in the middle between being groomed as the Messiah of Silence, the Senshi within her stirring, and two sides fighting to either protect or destroy her, this remarkable girl ends up surprising everyone with her strength and selflessness in the face of losing what little she had.

Cels are ordered by episode, and in the case of cels appearing in the same episode, order of appearance.

 Ep. 112 - Healing

 Ep. 112 - Walking Hotaru Home

 Ep. 115 - A Painful Childhood

 Ep. 115 - Hotaru's Tears

 Ep. 115 - Ashamed Hotaru

 Ep. 116 - Longing

 Ep. 116 - Embrace

 Ep. 116 - More Than Beauty

 Ep. 117 - The Letter

 Ep. 118 - Transported to the Strange Dimension

 Ep. 118 - Awakening

 Ep. 118 - Hesitation

 Ep. 119 - Loneliness

 Ep. 119 - A Pleasant Surprise

 Ep. 119 - Invitation

 Ep. 119 - Gratitude

 Ep. 120 - The Accident

 Ep. 120 - Unrestful Messiah
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